26-year-old arrested for stabbing a customer at a McDonald’s in Kingston – Kingston

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Correction: This article originally stated “The mother of a teenage employee of the restaurant, who wished not to be identified, told Global News, her son witnessed a staff member being stabbed in the neck.” In fact, the suspect allegedly stabbed a customer and not a staff member at McDonald’s.

A Kingston man was charged with attempted murder after a stabbing at a fast food restaurant over the weekend.


Kingston police, paramedics and a forensic identification team were all called to a McDonald’s restaurant in Kingston’s north end on Friday around 6:30 p.m.

Sgt. Clint Wills from Kingston police tells Global News that they arrested 26-year-old after a customer was stabbed at the McDonald’s on Division Street.

According to Kingston police, on Friday, the accused approached a male who was eating at the MacDonalds and attempted to speak with him, but was incoherent.

Without warning, police say the man stabbed the victim in the neck with a knife. The victim, realizing that he had been stabbed, ran behind the counter and police were immediately notified.

Witness reports from the scene say that several employees and customers at the McDonald’s either rushed out or were hiding from the suspect. A black jacket could be seen through the windows on the floor of the restaurant, with a yellow identification number next to it. Unfinished meals were left on the tables.

When police arrived around 6:40 p.m. on Friday evening, they say they found the accused standing at the counter inside the restaurant still brandishing the knife. He was arrested at gun-point.

Global News has learned that the suspect’s name is Josiah Gomez-Moreira, who has been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and possession of a weapon.

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Wills says “the incident was unprovoked, meaning that there was no argument or discussion that took place between the two individuals” that could have led to the stabbing.  In fact, the two men had never met or had any relationship with each other prior to the incident.

The victim was taken to Kingston General Hospital to be treated for significant stabbing wounds to his neck.  He was released Saturday morning from the hospital but no further details are currently available about his condition.

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Gomez-Moreira was taken into custody by Kingston police, right after the incident occurred and was seen at a bail hearing via video at a criminal court in Kingston Saturday morning. He will appear again via video on Feb 27 via video.

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