‘I’m going to take a nap’: Ontario hockey dad mics up his 4-year-old at practice

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Ontario hockey dad Jeremy Rupke decided to attach a microphone to his four-year-old son at a practice in order to understand what the “heck he was thinking out there.”

Rupke, known on YouTube as “Coach Jeremy,” posted the video Friday and it’s already gained more than 1.5 million views.

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The adorable video has given the world a glimpse into the thought process of a young hockey player who apparently likes taking naps, having sword fights with hockey sticks and looking forward to the “baby meal” at McDonald’s — all while focusing on his skating skills.

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Just after Mason turned four years old, Rupke said he put a microphone on him while on the ice so he could “finally understand what the heck he was doing out there.

“It was … Interesting,” Rupke said on 苏州美甲学校.

During the hockey session, Mason can be seen rolling around on the ice, falling down (but also getting back up in a positive manner) and trying to skate towards his friends.

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After taking a tumble on the ice, Mason can be heard saying, “I’m okay, it’s okay.” And then after another fall, he lays there and says, “I’m going to have a nap.”

Mason later turns to his dad, asking, “Are we going to go to McDonalds after?”

Jeremy Rupke and his four-year-old son Mason heading to practice.

Jeremy Rupke

Rukpe, who edits a lot of hockey videos for his YouTube page, said this was his favourite one to piece together.

“I never knew what was coming next and it was full of surprises,” he said. “From all his other practices I saw him fall, get up, or take a quick break but I never knew he was talking the whole time.

“I had a lot of good laughs editing the video.”

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