North Battleford man adds multipurpose 750K Sever airboat to his fleet

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Delroy Fauth, owner of Amphibious Crafts Enterprises, loves his vehicles so much that he refers to them as his “toys.” The North Battleford, Sask., resident recently purchased a Sever 750K airboat and has been testing it out ever since — even in frigid temperatures.

“The most exciting thing is when you go across the water and then you go back onto the ice and snow. It’s just so exciting to make it universal,” Fauth said.

The vehicle, which can travel on both land and water, allows for easy access to river-surrounded communities and can hold up to 1,800 kilograms.

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“It’s a big game-changer for anybody that uses watercrafts. It’s going to allow you to go to remote places. It even has an enclosed cab to keep you comfortably warm,” added J.P. Chant, director of sales and marketing at Amphibious Crafts Enterprises.

Fauth is very fond of his fleet of vehicles and travelled all the way to Russia for his newest acquisition.

Since purchasing the airboat, he has taken it all over the province.

“We got this (airboat) in November,” Chant explained. “We’ve taken it out to the lakes, fishing derbies, out in fields. Our climate, being in Canada, we have winter most times of the year so, why not have a vessel that (can) operate year-round?”

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While the airboat is currently being used recreationally, it can also be used for multiple purposes, including search and rescue.

“There have been some cases where we have been practicing to make this a rescue unit. They do have ones that specifically are used for rescue but time will tell,” Fauth said.

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